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June 4, 2013
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Yuuki Kato by A-chama Yuuki Kato by A-chama
For :iconhoshino-gakuen: I was sent an invite so I thought why not? I really love to make apps haha XD

Anyway I hope you guys like him uwu

Name: Yuuki Kato (nickname: Yuu)
Age: 15 (first-year)
Nationality: Japanese
Sexuality: :icontrollface-kingplz:
Gender: male
Blood Type: AB
Height: 4’10
Birthday: April 6th
Specialty: Oil Painting (landscapes)
Sub-Specialty (optional): other traditional mediums (pencil sketches, acrylic paint)

Personality: Is bratty because he’s always been dotted on as a child and given what he wants. He doesn’t take being said ‘no’ to very well. That said he’s a bit awkward in social situations because he’s not really used to being around people. He masks that by pretending to be self confident (even though he’s not at all). Also pretty jealous of people that are athletic (since that’s pretty much the one thing he can never do) he’ll probably be pretty rude to them.

That said, he’s also very hardworking. If he wants to do something he’ll work his hardest to achieve it. He’s very stubborn so he doesn’t know the meaning of “give up”. Because he wants to be self-sufficient he’s also not very good at asking for help and he would probably also refuse even if he was offered help because he doesn’t want to see weaker then he already is.

Preferred Activities: gaming, painting, taking strolls outside,

+ Sunny days
+ being active
+ sweets
+ painting
+ playing rpgs
+chatting (online)
+Zombies /Zombie Apocalypses / Daydreaming about zombie apocalypses (even though he knows he won't survive long)

-rainy days
-people that underestimate him
-tall people
-bitter foods
-not being able to move like he wants to

Back story:

Yuuki Kato was born and raised in Yokohama. Unfortunately, he was born with a rare disease called Spinal bifida. This shaped his entire life. From birth he’s had many correctional operations and has constantly been followed by doctors to ensure he was growing properly. While he can walk with the help of correctional braces and crutches he’s often had to use a wheel chair to get around. The Katos did their best to support their son and take care of him, and when he was young that was all he needed.

Then his younger siblings were born,(They have about 4 year difference) unlike him they didn’t have birth defects and while at first everything seemed fine, Yuuki realized the way children intuit, that there was a different between the way he was treated and the way they were treated. It wasn’t that the parents cared more for him or for them really, but he saw they walked on eggshells around him always telling him to “Be careful and watch yourself”. Yuuki thought they were almost over-doting, while his brothers had all the freedom.

The thing that truly marked Yuuki during his childhood was a simple trip to the museum. It didn't seem like much but it was one of the rare times Yuuki ever left his home. A few days after a stay in the hospital they'd decided to treat him and bring him out to a museum. Even though he was confined to his wheelchair he'd love his trip. What he was especially marked by was the landscape art. It was like for once... the outside was coming to him. In the past he could only see it from his window... even if it was only a picture he was amazed that people could create such paintings and he felt that he wanted to create pictures like that as well.

His parents were happy to oblige. The only thing Yuuki felt he had any freedom in was in his art, at first it was just coloured pencils and loose sheets of paper but as he grew up he was given more art supplies. He had found something he could happily do so they supported him in his endeavour. It was one of the rare times his disability didn’t come into play.

Things couldn’t stay the same forever though and it was when school started that Yuuki began to realize the difference between himself and his brothers again. While the younger boys were sent to school, he on the other hand had always been home schooled. It was this that slowly started to alienate Yuuki away from them and his siblings. To help with his studies they got him a computer and when he discovered internet, where he didn’t have to be ‘Yuuki Kato Patient XXXX’ he was hooked. It felt like the only place he could finally have some form of freedom. And he spent more and more time locked away with his paintings and computer the older he got.

His parents however realized this wasn’t helping him function in normal society and decided they couldn’t let things be. They realized trying to protect him and shield him from the outside world was actually detrimental to his health and mental stability. At first they weren’t sure what to do to help him. But then they found out about Hoshino Gakuen, knowing their son’s love of arts and painting they decided sent in an application for him.

Needless to say he was surprised when he found out his parents had sent in an application, that said, he was actually happy about the opportunity to go to a regular school. Even though he knew there would be difficulties ahead he still looked forward to the experience. Even if he had to use his crutches to get around, being able to studying the thing he loves (painting), being around regular people and finally leaving his over doting parents behind, he knew all the difficulties would be worth it in the end.


• His birth defect (spinal bifida) caused him to have Hydrocephalus (water in the brain). While most of the effects of the hydrocephalus (and subsequent surgeries) are only physical he has a weaker short term memory then the norm. So he's bad at remembering new people's names and he might be a bit repetitive because he won't remember having had the conversation in the past.

• His quite clumsy because he used to constantly use his wheel chair back at home. Because he wants to prove himself he refuses to use his wheel chair at school (unless he’s forced to) but because he’s not used to the crutches he’s likely to walk very awkwardly. (He pretends it’s no big deal though)

• Has a bit of a rivalry with his brothers. (They’re jealous because their parents dote on him and he’s jealous of them because they can walk and have always been able to attend school normally

• One of his hobbies is bugging Art.
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