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JS: Russell Hopkins by A-chama JS: Russell Hopkins by A-chama

Name: Russel Hopkins

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 5'10” (177.5 )

Weight: 155


Russel is a fairly childish and naive guy. He doesn't know much about how 'normal society' works and he doesn't really care much about figuring it out either He gets easily amused when people get angry about 'silly things, (like him accidentally breaking a cellphone or stealing food.) He can get angry easily if you steal the food back or try to take of his bandana. His anger is pretty much like a child's tantrum and doesn't usually last for very long. The only thing he would really hold a grudge about would be if you insulted his Family. Though he seems like someone that's very open, he's actually fairly secretive, he doesn't trust people easily and prefers to keep a certain distance to everyone. (Partially because the only people that really stayed in his life were his Uncle and Sister.)

Year: 1

Class: A-1

Club: ---


As their parents died when they were young Russell and his older sister Lily (2 and 5 years old respectively) were raised by their Uncle Howard. While Howard was a fairly nice man (once you got to know him... which was a very difficult task) he was a bit of a paranoid and a conspiracy theorist. So basically Russell and Lily were raised in the wild with no access to technology. (Because having technology was like letting the government spy on you).

Unfortunately living in a little shack and living on hunting and what could be stolen from people in the nearby town.... wasn't exactly considered the best environment for children to grow up in... and when they finally found Howard and the kids, Russell and Lily were placed in a Foster Home.

At that point Russell was 13 and Lily 16. Unfortunately they had spent most of their lives with their Uncle and so they both had trouble integrating into their new lives. After a while Lily somehow managed to fit in but Russell would often end up being caught for petty thievery and tended to break any kind of technology he got his hands on. ( Mostly because he didn't know how it worked rather then because he shared his Uncle's fear of the government though).

To the point after a few years of trying (and being moved from Foster Home to Foster Home) the state decided to send him to Jail School hoping that the strict environment there would help him better integrate society.

Ability:   Speed


-Bad with Technology: He's basically lived with little to no contact with cellphones, computers, tv so he doesn't know how they work.

-Kleptomanic: If he sees something and he decides he wants it.... he'll take it (especially food but pretty much anything goes though.)

- School: Is rather mediocre when it comes to subjects such as Literature, Art (basically anything his Uncle thought was useless)


+Being outdoors
+ Shiny things
+Playing hide and seek
+ His Uncle and Sister
+ Discovery new things
+ Funny people
+ Weapons (his Uncle taught him how to use hunting weapons)
-People trying to take off his bandana
- People making fun of him for not knowing what technology is
-Confusing or difficult things
- People droning on for hours
- Loud noises
-People taking his food (even if he stole the food in the first place)
- People making fun of his Uncle or insulting him
-People sneaking up behind him

If he sees food (or something that looks like food) he will steal it.
Always has a bandana over his face (would feel naked without it)
Tends to be a little jumpy (if you tap him from the back he'll jump a mile high)
Light sleeper ( he'll wake up if even just a pin drops in the room)
Early raiser ( tends to wake up before the sun)

Additional Info:

HE DOES NOT have any scars or what not underneath the bandana. It's more that his Uncle told him it was always safer to hide your face (in case Government agents were spying) that he keeps it on. Because it's been like this since he was very young he feels weird without wearing it.

Quote :
“It's not my fault you left it lying around.”
“It's free game if it's left on the table no?”
“What does this do?”
“Oh. Should I not have smashed it? It was making weird noises.”
NappyNapkin Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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